Gloria Salib

Cairo, Egypt


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Computer Science: Concentration in Mathematics, B.S.

Expected Graduation: May 2026

Interesting Project

Volunteered with an organization called LightSys in Spring break and worked on the Operation World project. The project was to build a web widget for Operation World. My part in the project was front-end HTML and CSS to create the back side of the widget and design it and I was also responsible for some project management.


During Christmas Break, I had the opportunity to go on my first service trip to Egypt. Coming to the US was a culture shock for me, but surprisingly going back and visiting Egypt was also a culture shock. However, Serving there was a life-changing experience. My heart was hurt for what hurt His heart. Jesus showed me how close He is; gave me great love that was overflowing to the people we served.

Career Goal

I would like to be a Website Developer in the front end, and work with a ministry. I would love to use technology for the kingdom for the Lord.

Technical skills

  • Information Technology
  • Website Development
  • Programming languages and coding
  • Technical Writing
  • Mathematics and problem solving

Classes of intrerst

Website Development

programming I

programming II

Interpreting the Old Testment

Coss Cultural Studies Travel Experiences


Places Visited:

  1. Egypt
  2. New York
  3. Colorado

Places to Visi:

  • South korea
  • Dubai
  • Germany